With five asphalt plants strategically placed throughout Southern California, All American Asphalt is capable of supplying quality asphalt concrete to contractors working in the constantly growing area market.

High quality, cost efficient asphalt concrete production built around a philosophy of “speed costs, how fast do you want to go?” All American Asphalt is a leading provider of hot mix asphalt paving materials in Southern California.

Our five “state of the art” production facilities are located in major metropolitan areas and are geographically situated to provide the most effective service in our industry.

Our plants and people are dedicated in providing exceptional value to our customers through major investments in new technologies as well as training and development programs that lead to the most highly skilled employees possible.

All American Asphalt offers a full product line customized for each project based on local factors such as climate, traffic conditions and agency specifications. Our facilities are all equipped to produce rubberized asphalt concrete. The use of recycled materials is a major goal for our operations as we explore ways to improve the environment and reduce our consumption of natural resources. In addition, each facility is outfitted with a State of California certified materials laboratory that utilizes statistical quality control methods in order to eliminate production defects.

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